Early County Family Connection is the only prevention planning coalition in place for community members to work together efficiently by sharing resources and working strategically, to promote positive youth development and reduce problem behaviors such as underage drinking, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, school withdrawal and violence.


The collaborative braided its efforts in 2011 and developed EarlyChoices, a strong prevention framework, so whether a focus from one strategy team may be teen pregnancy and another is underage drinking, they all work together to focus attention, resources and community supports to provide the family and youth what they need to succeed.  Too often, young people are approached as a set of problems to solve (keep them from dropping out, getting pregnant or breaking the law) rather than as a set of resources to develop (preparing them for success). A guiding principle of EC Family Connection is to help young people to grow in social, emotional, physical, civic and cultural ways within a family and community that values them.

Early County Family Connection: Region 10
P.O. Box 613
Blakely, GA 39823-0613

Office Address:
252 North Main Street
Blakely, GA 39823-3908

Gwen Houston: Coordinator
[email protected]

Erica Henderson: Chair
[email protected]